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We've been there.

That's why we're here.

We’ve done the 80-hour weeks, the work ‘vacations’, the missing out on special events … sacrificing our lives (and our families’) to the almighty time sheet.  And we’re done with it

So we created DY USA.  A very different kind of accounting firm that works in a very different kind of way ... 

40-hour weeks.

(Yes, even during

busy season)

Work effectively and efficiently, and your reward for completing a project isn’t getting more work dumped on your desk—it’s getting on with your week. Our focus is on meeting production goals, not filling timesheets. And we trust our CPAs to schedule their work around their life to best meet those goals, and best live their life. 

On vacation?

Leave your laptop

at home.

This firm knows our team gives 100% while on the clock working and deserves to focus 100% on themselves and their family and friends  when taking personal time. By being accountable to each other during a project to ensure clients’ needs are addressed within deadlines, we give each other the opportunity to completely unplug and fully embrace time off.

We focus on the work you get done.

Not the hours

you bill.

Yes, we mean it. We can’t say this enough. And we can say it in the first place because we charge our clients fixed fees. We explain in detail what services will be provided up front and agree to a fee upfront. So our timesheets are to track production goals not billable hour requirements.  We just want you to focus on one thing: doing a quality job for your client. 

Extra opportunities

for your growth.

There aren’t too many firms that would offer every member of their team access to a business coach and wellness coach. But we think it just makes sense. Our team members are encouraged to pick up new skills, gain confidence, take the lead on things, even challenge their managers with new ideas. Then, there’a also the opportunity to experience international travel, flying across the ocean to work with clients and colleagues in the UK and the US.

Rob Whittall - cropped.jpg

As our Managing Partner, Rob Whittall, has said: 

“Its about giving people the respect, responsibility, accountability and flexibility to get their work done. I believe that if we’re giving team members a great experience here, and they’re engaged in what they’re doing and want to come to work, then the clients get excellent service.” 

What our team members are saying:

What our clients are saying:

TolleyTax w_ExtraLine.png
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Recognized on both sides of the Atlantic as a Great Employer and Place to Work

There's more where that came from.

In addition to enjoying the many professional and personal benefits that come along with having control of your work-life integration, you’ll gain plenty more benefits working with DY USA.

Review and download our Benefits Package Overview. 

Looking for a

different kind of accounting firm?

You just found it.

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